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Invite Your Friends to Raids in Pokémon GO! [UPDATE]

Pokemon GO Update, Invite friends to raids in Pokemon GO, Pokemon GO Gift Stickers

Niantic is doing a great job in dealing with the Coronavirus Pandemic and making various improvements and changes in Pokémon GO for the players. The Remote Raid Battles, Half distance Egg Hatch, Daily Field Research Breakthrough tasks, and more. All these new features are intended to make Pokémon GO even more playable while sitting at your home during the lockdown. Now, Niantic is adding a feature that will surely be much more exciting for everyone. According to an early preview of the update shared by Niantic, two new features will soon be coming to Pokémon GO. The first one is that now you will be able to invite any of your friends to the raid battles, irrespective of their location. And, the other one is personalized gift stickers. Now we will be talking about both these upcoming features in detail and see how are these new features going.

How will “Invite friends to Raids regardless of their Location” work?

Even after the addition of remote raid battles, many Pokémon GO players were not happy as they were the only ones to participate in the raids and could not defeat the higher level Pokémon’s. This was a big issue and having other friends join the raid battle along with you was greatly needed. Thankfully, Niantic listened and is finally bringing this highly requested feature to organize raids in Pokémon GO.

Let us see how will this work –

  • After the update will arrive, adding this feature, you will see a + button in the raid lobby (both public and private).
  • Once you will tap on that + button, you will be able to add up or invite up to five Pokémon GO friends to join you in that raid.
  • After your invitation will be sent, all your invited friends will get the raid option on their “Nearby Raid” tab if they are online and as a push notification in case, they are offline.
  • Every invited friend will be able to join the raid lobby after accepting your invitation and their raid pass will be used once the raid battle starts.
  • This is going to be quite an interesting and important feature in Pokémon GO, making the game even better than it is now. Gifts stickers are the next thing we are going to discuss now.

Gift Stickers in Pokémon GO

Pokemon GO Update, Invite friends to raids in Pokemon GO, Pokemon GO Gift Stickers

As the name is self-explanatory and makes it clear what this new feature is going to be. Gift stickers are personalized stickers featuring various Pokémon’s. These stickers can be selected and sent along with the gifts in Pokémon GO. Let us know about this in detail and see how is this going to work.

After this feature is available, players will be able to send gifts with stickers to their friends by tapping on the ADD STICKER button. There will be few stickers that a player will obtain for free after the update. Once you will send a gift sticker to your friend that will reduce the number of stickers to -1. This means stickers are stackable and can be stacked in your inventory. There are speculations that you might be able to purchase different design stickers for Pokécoins from the shop in the future.

Wrapping Up

These features are exciting and sound fun. Especially the option to invite friends to join you in your raid battles, irrespective of their location. This is quite a practical feature and is going to change Pokémon GO, making the game better than ever before. We all know, 2020 has been a terrible year for the world, but at the same time, having such a team who is changing the game with the needs of its players is quite appreciable. Kudos to the Pokémon GO developers and the whole team for improving the game and making it better with each update.

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