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Pokemon GO is not new to anyone. Almost everyone knows about Pokemon, if not Pokemon GO. Pokemon GO that was launched in 2016, had broken many records during the time of its release. This game, right after the release became the most downloaded game on the app stores and people went crazy for it. Almost every single person, be he or she an adult, teenager, or a small kid, got addicted to Pokemon GO. Soon it spread like wildfire and could be seen on everyone’s smartphone. This game lets the 90s kids relive their childhood days when Pokemon was not just a word, but an emotion. Now with the release of the Pokemon GO game, people can finally meet and catch their favorite Pokemon’s virtually, play with them, evolve them and use them to battle, other trainers.

Unlike other online games, Pokemon GO is designed in such a way that it requires the players to go out, walk, and interact with other Pokemon GO trainers in order to make progress in the game. This not only completely changed how one is used to playing games on smartphones that is by sitting at their homes for hours at one place, but also helped in boosting one’s physical fitness. We all are aware of the fact the walking is one of the simplest and effective physical exercises that can keep you fit and healthy without doing much effort. And, that too combined with your favorite game is simply an amazing idea to promote and stay fit, while enjoying Pokemon GO at the same time.

The Story of Pokemon GO India

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Pokemon GO is an immensely popular game in most parts of the world, but could not gain much popularity in India, irrespective of all the hype at the time of its release in India. When it was released in India, it became the headlines of many top Indian News channels and was downloaded million times. But, the hype was soon cooled down and the Pokemon GO Community in India started shrinking and the numbers of active Pokemon GO players in India dropped tremendously. Due to the lack of an active Pokemon GO Community, dedicated sources in India, and other social factors made many players move to newer multiplayer games.

Thus, to change this, and make an ever growing Community of Pokemon GO players in India, we have came up with this website. This is not just any Pokemon GO blog where you will find the latest Pokemon GO Updates, News, Tips, Tricks and other important information related to the Pokemon GO world, but also you can connect and meet with other Pokemon GO Trainers in your region, hang out with them and play Pokemon GO together.

Any Indian Pokemon GO Trainer can join the website and get themselves included on the list of Indian Trainers so that other trainers from the same region or anywhere from India or the world can connect with you and vice versa. This will let you and others make new friends and also, get along with other Pokemon GO trainers from the same place and join each other’s Pokemon GO journey to be the best Pokemon GO trainer by helping each others.

You can battle in raids together, trade Pokemon with each other, battle with other other, form a Pokemon GO Raid Team, hunt for rare Pokemon’s and do all sorts of things jointly in groups, because why not!